Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My 2009 Micro-Garden

So here it is, nothing fancy just 8 3x6 raised boxes. The beds are on a north and south axis; this area receives great sunlight throughout the day. I will use this small plot as my test site to learn from over the next couple of years with rotating crops, growing veggies verticals, and planting crop species that work well with one another. My compost is looking great and all my seeds are in. I have a schedule for every crop species on excel that can be planted in it's particular planting month. So between puking my guts out carrying my ranger buddy up cardiac hill and carrying logs through trails with a small team, I will get back to some me time and tend to my garden in much the same way a samurai warrior paid special attention to his flowers.
I guess with all the hooblah that is going on in the world having a warrior garden can do wonders with helping me control stress and maintain a more balanced.

What a Month!!!!

January has turned out to be one of the most intense months for me with regards to training and having a gut check. Training is bitter/sweet and it is what you make of it and since I really want to be there, it is more sweet than bitter. Nevertheless, it doesn't underscore the matter of how tough it is. Nonetheless, the season is changing and the weather is warming up here in the south, In fact today reached a high around 75 degrees; AWESOME for Jan.

So the band keeps playing on and the train has left the station. I am on it somewhere. Just trying to make my way to the front...............................