Monday, October 27, 2008

Is my Compost working?

So today I went to the compost pile and I dug in the center of it and I felt it; Amazingly my compost had a lot of heat in there. The outside temp was approx 55 degrees, but the center of the pile felt more like 80-90 degrees. It has only been a day or two since I jerry rigged my compost pile together and its starting to work.

From all of the research that i have done, Im starting to understand that there are microbes and bacteria in the pile that are breaking the pile down and all this work is generating heat. Im looking forward to seeing how well it breaks down and I can't wait to see how much nutrients it gives to my garden.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Urban Compost bin

My compost is looking like a class A station. I cut some grass today and placed it in the pile. Im new at this stuff, but im willing to learn to see whats going on. I pulled most of the pile to the edge to create a pocket so that I can place old vegetables and dry grass. I didn't see any more worms. I think they beat feet or headed to the bottom of the pile to work there way back up to the top. I hope I didn't kill my worms.

Urban Falconer- Taka flew to the fist

Today was a great day. I dropped Takas' weight to 1168g and I took her to the park. It was her first time in an area that had alot of things going on. I called her to the fist and she flew at some distance. 1168 seems like a call for her. I killed another Quail today and placed it in the freezer. I am going to use it in a few days for lure training. All is looking good with Taka and she is responding pretty well

Friday, October 24, 2008

Urban Falconer- Weight control

Taka is finally coming down in weight. Today I got her to 1177g and she flew to the fist before I could pull out the meat. I suspect that I almost there. I trapped her on the 14th of Oct and it is exactly 10 days today that her weight has come down enough to where she is flying and looking keen. I think she is going to be a great hawk to hunt with. She has some personality. I want to give her the utmost respect and take care of her so that she can be a killer in the woods. I suspect that If I bring her weight down 7 more grams than she is going to be just right. Now she still is a bit all over the place. I just need her attention. More to follow......

How to Compost the Urban way

Today I went to the back shed and I was curious to see how my make shift compost pile was doing. I placed grass clippings, leaves and acorns on the side of the shed between the fence and I noticed that the middle of the pile was actually turning into dirt. There were a gazillion worms in there turning that stuff around and I was amazed. The spot where the compost was situated was in a spot that was not easily accessible. So I recycled my neighbors old metal shed by forming a box on raw dirt. I took all of the leaves and the working pile of compost into it. Sincew Im new at this I should have read how to start this thing first. I shouldnt have put a dead mouse in there and I shouldn't have put water in there. Hopefully I don't kill my worms. I placed a plastic tarp on the top to increase the humidity so it can work faster. From all of the research that I have done, I am beggining to understand the importance of worms. I really need my worms to survive. If this works my compost is going to be great for my garden needs. More to follow

My Urban Garden

Currently I live within city limits. With all of the issues going on with the economy today I feel the need to be more self-sufficient. Its nearing the end of Oct and I presently I am in Georgia. The weather is much cooler and I have started to plant leafy green Vegetables; Collards, Broccolli, Cabbage, Bunch Onions, Pak Choy, and Snow Peas. Coming soon I will add lettuce and Kale. Im looking forward to having a nice harvest before the real cold weather settles in. More to follow........