Saturday, February 28, 2009

Soup in 09

Soup is going to be a major source of our food this year. The benefits are many. First there is the fact that we can make soup and store it in the freezer. Coupled with that we can also use veggies that would other wise be thrown out and make up some interesting recipes. I can't tell you what this soup is called on the left, but it was amazingly delicious. My wife replaced the spinach with Komatsuna, added some chick peas, corn, tomatoes, sausage and some other things and Bam! A little cheese and toasted rolls with butter, made a great dinner.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Komatsuna Lookin Good

Last year I planted my Komatsuna in the wrong part of the season. They wilted due to the heat and really never regained thier strength. Coupled with the fact that my wife hasn't been all that interested in the garden last year, things did take a turn for the worst. Nevertheless, I have pushed on and once again I planted my Komatsuna this past Dec; Suprisingly enough, they have not only took hold in the bed, they have produced new edible leaves after every snipping. The funny thing about all of this is the fact that until today my wife was kind of turned off by these things, until I asked her what do they use Komatsuna with in Japan. Being that is her native land, The word Komatsuna struck a nerve with her and she immeditely became interested in the garden. Now the light bulb is on in my head and I have finally found a way to get her interested in maintaining this garden with me this year. Komatsuna is a spinach type plant that grows very fast throughout the year and can be used in salads, stir frys and pickling. I picked a good bounty this afternoon and she is already using it for soup. AWESOME!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Godzilla of Crepe Desserts!!

So part of my wife and I new years resolution is to make sure we eat all the food we have in our home before we go and buy new stuff. We noticed that last year we were really wasting alot of food that would go bad or we just end up losing interest in it. Nevertheless, one day my wife and I were sitting around watching our geek channels which is standard protocol for a friday night and we started getting hungry for something sweet to eat. I was thinking hot crepes with apples and homemade whipped cream; on the other hand my wife was thinking the same thing but she delivered something that I was totally not expecting and she came up with this thing I dont even know what they call it. She told me some french name, but what surprised me was the simplicity of it all from common ingredients tjhat we had laying around; which were eggs and flour to make the crepes, she also made some custard, fresh whipped cream, and bananas that had one more day at best before they were thrown out and wahhhhlaaaaa!!!! Deliciously Refreshing if there is such a thing and if it is, this would be it. It goes great with coffee and taste extraordinarly wonderful the next morning