Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pitbulls and the struggle to keep them as pets

Ohhhhh my wonderful dog Cheeba. It seems like it was only yesterday when I walked out of my home and there she was; a beaten up puppy confused and scared, rolled over on her back looking for a belly rub. At that moment my wife and I looked at each other and knew instantly we had our first dog. Cheeba turned out to be a very well obedient dog who is a natural caretaker and protector of our home. But her wonderful life does not overshadow the stigma that Pitbulls have in our communities. With all of the bad press pitbulls receive it's to no wonder how people formulate opinions. And rightfully so, because this dog is a machine which was bred to keep going and have amazing intensity. Cheeba looks menacing but this girl jumps from crickets and will probably turn our whole family over for a slice of ham. We know this about her goofey butt. Nonetheless, it was a big surprise to me when I recieved a call from animal control telling me that my pitbull escaped the yard and was attacking people in the neighborhood. "HUH!!" My PitBull!!! CHEEBA!! ATTACKING PEOPLE!! I gave the Animal control officer a resounding "HELL NO! NOT MY DOG!! There is no way Cheeba my Pitbull will attack anybody. But as I suspect because she was a pitbull running the streets, of course she was attacking people, ripping legs off and tearing throats out. Yup, thats them pitbulls. Pleasssssse!! Responsible people who own pitbulls will tell you that pitbulls are the best dogs ever to own. As with any dog trained to do a certain things like Fighting for example, they will do what there good at. But what about when your dog is not trained to fight. What if your dog actually loves animals and people? Why have city bans been put in place with fees and fines for owning pitbulls and apartments banning any pitbulls on the premises? I understand there reasoning and fear from the bad press that pitbulls have following them. But wouldn't it be fair to institute a a test on everydog before imposing such fines and fees of ownership. I think all dogs should be put through some sort of testing phase to see how aggressive they are and if they pose threats to society. Im willing to bet most responsible pitbull owners would pass those test with flying colors. Chebba has been beaten up by huskies, labs and every other toy dog that could qualify as snake food and in every case. im left looking at an embarrassed pet owner who can't control their dog. Cheeba on the other hand, when she sees other dogs, runs towards them and rolls on her back to play. She does this to puppies all the way up to people. So it was to no wonder that when I herd my Dog Cheeba was attacking people on the streets I was furious about the accusation. But this is one struggle that will always be around as long as there are these little want-to-be-gangstas and idiots who choose to use this breed as there outlet for criminal activity. The future of pitbulls are left in the hands of people who advocate everything that is right about them and so the struggle continues

Monday, January 25, 2010

Oregano Surviving winter

I never had high hopes for any of my herbs through winter. I have a friend that covers her plants during the winter and I really want to get a bunch started in the sun room. But with all of this cold weather that befell upon all of us, I have just let nature take it's course and while doing so I have been taking note of what plants are perishable during the cold weather and what plants show some resistance. My Sugar snap peas which are by nature a cool weather crop could not take the pain of Mr. Frost when he sat his big fat butt down in my garden. The crisp cold just literally crippled everything in the garden except..... my Oregano. I remember taking tiny slips of the oregano and placing them into this jar and pretty much just forgot about them. And when I came home after freezing my butt off for approximately 2 weeks in the woods. It was a pleasant surprise to see these small oregano leaves thriving in hostile conditions. I have never moved this pot. It has received so much rain and cold weather and yet they are thriving. They are not the biggest of plants but they pack some big flavor. And it's a shame because I pretty much have forget about these guys and they are doing well. The herbs that I have put my heart and soul into have all died. Go figure................

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monkey Butt

Most people don't have to worry about Monkey Butt until they do. If your a military professional who has spent a few weeks afield, an outdoorsman who has accidently got lost, or someone who has somehow found themselves in the middle of a disaster with no way out for a few weeks. You will quickly learn the meaning of Monkey Butt. When im afield with the guys we always laugh when someone has a serious case of Monkey Butt. But Until it happens to you then you quickly realize it's no laughing matter. For 12 days I roughed it with no shower.Ugh!! Yeah it sucked but it's a small part of what I do. I have been here before, so I knew what essentials I would need while being afield. The number 1 item is baby wipes. Im writing this post in cunjuction with the terrible earthquake in Haiti and with the memory of the devasting Hurricane Katrina that struck the U.S. a few years ago. Many people don't think about prepardeness until they are forced to and by that time it's too late. So for this brief moment Im going to spotlight how important baby wipes are for any emergency plan. They provide you with a quick way to wash when water is not available and you can can hit all your hot spots, like under arms and the crotch. Because the Lord knows if you don't, what terrible afflicition is awaiting you. Which is; the undisputed Monkey Butt!! So it's something to think about, if your planning a trip or if your planning to store items for your emergency plan.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year !!! And a toast to Failed Resolutions;)

2010 is here and I made it with all my limbs, fingers and toes. 2009 was a very good productive year. After all it was one year ago today when this blog was in it's infancy that I started to write about how I was going to change my lifestyle a bit and start gardening and transforming my new urban home into an urban homestead. Blogging has given me a way to reach out with people all over the world, people who I would probably just smile at while standing in the grocery line or shout at because I got cut off in traffic; either way, the friendships that have been established on here have served to be very valuable and I look forward to learning new things from everyone.

So starting with a recap of last year I planned my garden, I created raised beds, I started a very successful compost bin, I GREW VEGETABLES!!!!! YESSSSS!!! and lots of them for the first time!! It was amazing! But I failed at growing radishes WTF!! This should have been the easiest thing to grow ever, and I yes I sucked at it. I grew Watermelon and cantaloupe in HAY BALES!!! Yes HAY BALES!!! and they grew like wild fire. Hay bale gardening was such a success that this year it will be a major player in how we grow alot of our veggies. We grew edamame, Japanese cucumbers, Japanese eggplant, shisho, 4 different types of tomatoes, zucchini, corn, snap peas, collard greens, bib lettuce, spinach, 4 different types of Japanese leafy greens, Potatoes in a bucket, onions, garlic, and started 3 different grape vines that are trellised around the garden. We also started a small orchard by purchasing a dwarf cherry and peach tree. Ok let me take a breath. We got two chickens that gave us so many eggssssssssss, (there taking a break now) and I found a good deal on 6 rabbits that will start my breeding program to supply meat (My wife is trying to make them as pets. I think we need a rabbit dinner real soon to bring things back full circle) I trapped my new hunting buddy Delta who gave me hell and with his inital training and I have a crazy New German Shorthaired Pointer Named Jackson who is................................................................................ Simply HIGHSPEED all the time until he comes in the house lays on his bed and snores in sequence with my other dog Cheeba and my 30lb tabby hugo who like to sleep on my wifes head right next to me, yes im a bit Td but I love em all. 2009 has been great and I now that we are in 2010 I have so much more to do.

First I don't really like resolutions to myself but I will make at least one that I will stick to. This year I am going to volunteer my time to at least 3 individuals in my area and get them started on growing veggies. They can live in an apartment or have a backyard. But I figure with all the knowledge that I have gained over this past year from all the wonderful people that I have met on this blog I can help someone get started. So I know I can't change the world all at once but I can start with one container, one pot, one seed and one person at a time. So that's my realistic new years resolution everything else is just going too happen. I would like to tell myself that I won't drink as much beer as I did in 2009, But who I am I kidding. I love Beer and I love food, in fact that's why I think I was born, too drink beer and eat good food. In fact I will grow Hops this year. I can't guarantee I will make my own brew, But I will start by growing my own Hops. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I can smell the Hops. But Ok I will say this. I will run longer this year. I put in approx 15 miles a week last year and I want to bump that up to 25 before spring. Ok that's enough of the new years resolution, Today is my off day and I am looking forward to a cold one:)