Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Compost the Urban way

Today I went to the back shed and I was curious to see how my make shift compost pile was doing. I placed grass clippings, leaves and acorns on the side of the shed between the fence and I noticed that the middle of the pile was actually turning into dirt. There were a gazillion worms in there turning that stuff around and I was amazed. The spot where the compost was situated was in a spot that was not easily accessible. So I recycled my neighbors old metal shed by forming a box on raw dirt. I took all of the leaves and the working pile of compost into it. Sincew Im new at this I should have read how to start this thing first. I shouldnt have put a dead mouse in there and I shouldn't have put water in there. Hopefully I don't kill my worms. I placed a plastic tarp on the top to increase the humidity so it can work faster. From all of the research that I have done, I am beggining to understand the importance of worms. I really need my worms to survive. If this works my compost is going to be great for my garden needs. More to follow

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