Saturday, July 31, 2010

Plants are tougher than people

Its been a long time since I had post anything to my blog. As this year is passing along I have been victimized by this intense heat. I have literally traveled the world into some of the hottest regions on the planet and nothing compares to this Georgia heat. It's depressing, my dogs are in danger, we here warnings to refrain from working out doors. The compost bin has suffered, the reports of rain everyday gives us a glimpse of hope but no water has come in sight, temperatures have stayed in the high 90s approaching 60 days with 100% humidity and yet as I complain and look for that bullet to end it all my plants still thrive. There are days they yearn for water and if I am gone too long they let me know by wilting, but with a little mist and and some water on the roots they come back with pride. There is so much to learn from plants with regards to dealing with hardships. I think back to how spoiled I am with AC and electricity when I think of folks who live in the same conditions and do not have the same luxuries. Because of this heat I have begun to reevaluate myself, I may think I'm tough but not tougher than a plant. Besides the other day I was chopping around the garden and almost had a heart attack when a toad jumped out. Really....... a toad!! Go figure.


Ruralrose said...

You have a very compelling way with words. The weather is severe up here too, although 95 degrees may be cool for you down there. I find my pit will cool off at night quickly just by rubbing his underside with a cold wet cloth. My cats even like it. It was a suggestion from the dog whisperer and it works. Where I can't get water regular i have planted a holey pop bottle by the plants and covered the whole area in newspaper. When I do water I fill the bottle and it seems to work at keeping plants alive. Your point about stamina was not lost. Peace

Doug said...

I know what you mean about the heat this summer. It sucks the life out of you and then you don't accomplish anything with your days.

Love the toad

ATW said...

Ruralrose- Good tips, my pit cheeba gets soo exhausted with the heat. My GSP runs until he almost kills himself. I have to brig him in. This heat is a hot mess.

Doug- your so right. Im training for 50 miler and when I run outside i loose approx eight lbs in water weight. I have to drink so much water and gatorade to stay alive these days.