Monday, September 13, 2010

Caterpiller Identification

Woee!! I was walking by my scotch bonnetts and noticed that there were some unusal lines in the dense leaves and whatdayaknow!! A Dagon alien sitting amongst my fruits taking big chops out of the leaves. I let him/her/it be; in a wierd kinda of way this creature is beautiful and even though it may wreck havoc on my leaves from my plants I have seen Hail storms destroy alot more and my plants bounced back. Yes it's kind of Ironic but metomorphisis is amazing to me. I found a pretty cool web site to ID Caterpillers and Larva this joker happens to be the larva from the tobacco horned worm. I learned that these guys are love to gorge on leaves and love to eat tomatoe plants and also pepper plants. I wish homeboy would take a bite into that scotch bonnet.

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