Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zombie Gear AR 10

I believe in the Zombie Apocalypse. Although not as in depth as some hard cores believe; I believe that people when pushed up against the wall no matter what ethnic background (with the exception of the Japanese) and no matter where they fall on the social economic ladder; the inherent nature of people to survive at all cost will manifest itself when times get tough.

I think back to the Katrina Catastrophe when mobs of people were running the streets like "Zombies" raping, pillaging and destroying everything in thier sight. How do you protect yourself? How do you protect your family? When chaos strikes because it will, it's not a matter of "if" but rather when and when it does go down, how prepared will you be? One day your watching a movie with your family and the next day your hiding in your closet hoping "Zombies" don't find you.

Guns are a tough subject for many people. Especially when we just recently had a congress woman shot at point blank range by some idiot. I get it. I believe there should be regulations, but we have to be smart about what we are regulating because often times regulations only affect law abiding citizens. Regulations have no affect on criminals. Let me say this again.... Regulations have no affect on criminals. This is why I say we have to be smart about this becuase when that time comes and your life is in serious danger, you will have many options. You can run away from criminals who will have guns. You can try to reason with criminals who will have guns or You can stand your ground with your guns agianst criminals who will have guns. Either way in any situation, criminals will always have guns. I wish this talk was only fantasy, thought up in the deepest darkest segements of my mind, but that is just wishful thinking.

Pictured is an AR 10 Armalite. It shoots a .308 rd or 7.62 x 51mm NATO rd. It's outfitted with a rail system to add sexy equipment, bipod, magpul assualt grip, and Bushnell Tactical Elite 3200 5-15 x 40mm Scope. I will finish her up with a Tactical stock. As long as the Zombies keep at bay, I will be using this beauty this year to shoot wild boar and deer. Some purest believe you do not need a military style rifle to hunt with. My statement to those critics is to look back in history and tell me what military rifle in colonial times were not used for hunting.

In short--- No Matter what your personal reasons for owning a gun is, I urge all gun owners to practice gun safety continously and be responsible. And for non gun owners and Antis who are totally against guns- I urge you to not make yourself appear vulnerable. No im not here to spout off my opinions to people who do not think the same way I do. The bottom line-Criminals are oppurtunist and seek to exploit  easy vulnerable targets. There is real extreme evil in this world. I have seen it up close. It's not pretty. I wish my eyes were virgin like the majority of people who have never experienced it. My only advice; if your in a situation where you wish you would have a gun and don't; Wish a little bit harder that your neighbor has one.


Sue said...

Excellent point! We would like to believe people would act in a civilized manner.....unfortunatly that hasn't shown itself to be the way it is.

My ex was a police officer-he made sure I knew how to handle a gun. I would hope it wouldn't come to that, but I'm prepared if it does.

It's sort of like the topic of growing your own food---you better know how....just in case!

ATW said...

Thanks Sue. I want nothing more than to live in peace. But you and I know that those dreams will be short lived as soon as you let your guard down. MY wife is from Japan and ultimately she believes that we are a violent culture. When I first met her she had big issues with having a gun in the house until something happened that hit close to home and now she is way more tolerant. And love that phrase "Growing your own food--- You better know how." Thats Great!!

Rafael said...

Great blog! With all the useless junk people these days learn how to do you would think they would appreciate learning something that may save their, and their families, lives. I think it is naive to automatically assume that if chaos strikes people will act civil towards one another! As much as some people think they "know" their friends & neighbors, they will be surprised to see their behavior when their lives are on the line! Why not learn some self- sufficiency? The worst that can happen is that you learn a skill that you, hopefully, never have to put to use. Keep up the good work!

Daniel said...

I've been telling people the same thing...I'm purchasing my AR-10 next week with a few "Zombie" preparedness features :)

Dave said...

Dude!! When do I get to come down and run a few clips through that bad boy?!