Thursday, March 11, 2010

Norways' Dooms Day Seed Vault; Is it Zombie Proof?

Norway's Dooms Day vault has reached 500,000 seeds. There are literally seeds from all over the world that have been produced by growers who have generated seeds that are more resistant to disease. This has become a huge debate for the purist; but nonetheless this is a big accomplishment considering the magnitude of this project. The vault was built to withstand earth quakes and even a nuclear fallout. But I suspect the Norwegians have something else bigger in mind. And my suspicion is that the Norwegians want to keep out the Zombies. Why else would they have four chambers that need to be accessed before reaching the worlds last supply of seeds. The Norwegians have done there homework. After all, only zombies will be able to walk the earth after it's destroyed and the few people stuck on the side of that mountain, will have a monumental task keeping vegetables alive for all the meat eaters that will consume the earth. Instead of worrying about seeds, I think I'm going to tuck one doomsday bullet away or better yet turn into a Zombie.


Kenneth Moore said...

You know the Zombie Apocalypse is scheduled for 2014, right? There was an e-mail breach from the seed vault's system--someone's feeding info from the inside.

I suggest you check out this houseplant zombie apocalypse survival guide and get your vegetative defenses in order--only four more years!

ATW said...

kenneth- That link is too funny bro!! But honestly, I will try to hold out for as long as I can before turning into one myself.

David in Kansas said...

Ha ha! I wonder what tomato would the zombies grow first? Maybe they'll be disappointed when they don't find heirloom seeds in the vault.