Monday, April 5, 2010

Forget about it Gardening

Last growing season one of my main efforts was to grow sage and oregano. It proved more difficult than I expected. I tried everything and it seemed that the seeds just wouldn't take. Big Sigh:( Fast Forward through the winter into the beginning of this spring and my Sage that I had virtually forgotten about, are growing strong. Sometimes it just seems that little means more and I don't know what I did to make them grow but apparently ol Momma nature knew what to do. So needless to say Im happy. I love sage plants and oregano, I think they are beautiful in design and smell absolutely wonderful. My wife, saw the need to water them once a week and from her stand point they seemed to have just grown overnight. I remember just seeing one tiny plant and thought to myself that my Sage would be hopeless. I honestly forgot about them, but apparently they didn't forget about me:)


David in Kansas said...

I too found my sage alive after the harshest winter in many years! I just didn't know the thing was hardy for my zone (6a)

Kenneth Moore said...

awesome! I discovered sage just a few months ago. I am in love. I have a tiny plant in my windowsill, but it's not exactly happy.

ATW said...

David- It seems like sage does extremely well after some frost time at least in my experience. I had my Sage sitting out the whole year through the coldest of winter and BAAM!!

Kenneth- I discovered sage a a little bit more than a year ago at Mr carsons farm and he had some really huge Sage Bushes. Thats when I knew I wanted to grow sage, not just culinary but also for looks. But man it takes forever. We kept our Sage under our little shade hut and it got Sun everyday. But as I was saying with David, the Sage seems to like Cool weather also. If you can find a place where it is at least growing, from my experience it will surpise you.

Happy growing