Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grow $700 worth of Food In 100sqf

Click here to read the article.

As the year starts I have been giving a lot of thought to how much of an impact I want to make on my garden this year. I started searching around the web to see how I can translate my garden growth into dollars and cents and thier is really nothing that stands out except the post above written in the Mother Earth column. I will start to catalouge how much veggies cost per vegetable in another post so that I can translate that into money. I will have to call up mom and tell her that she was wrong; Because Money does grow on trees:)


Sue said...

I've read this article and it was good. Sometimes I wonder why I bother growing my own--we have a large Amish population that grows vegetables, etc for sale-all grown with no chemicals and priced quite reasonably. But, I enjoy gardening so much that I keep doing it.
This year, to make it interesting, I'm taking one of my 4x8 beds and using it to grow those 10 cent seed packets from the dollar store---just to see how much produce I can grow for roughly a dollar. A bit of fun.
Anyway, looking forward to seeing what your garden produces this year.
Happy Gardening!

ATW said...

Sue- thats awesome that you live in close proximity to good produce. One would think the south would be saturated with places like that but it isn't. I would really like to know how those 10 cent seed packets work out. Seeds are expensive these days and 10 cents is a great deal!!