Monday, January 24, 2011

Squirrel Control

When I lived in Pennsylvania I had to protect my garden from groundhogs. It got so bad, that I took off from work so I can sit at home and watch when the groundhogs attacked my garden. And I developed a plan to take them out. That is a bit to censored for this blog, but it was a necessary evil to save my first ever garden. When I moved to Georgia, these first few years have been great. I have never had any issues with large pests. I understand the bugs and other insects that will eat up my garden every year. But I never had to deal with Squirrels until this winter. The squirrels in my area are everywhere. I live around several oak trees and pecan trees and the squirrels hang around the area when the trees are in full bloom. But these squirrels have went above and beyond the norm. Squirrels visit my garden all the time but I noticed one day that my lettuce were devoured and ripped apart. I didn't know what happened until one morning I walked outside and saw several squirrels dart away with lettuce in their mouths. I couldn't believe it. I noticed the squirrels stuck to one green leafed veggie at a time, first the lettuce, then the broccoli, then the kale and so on. So enough was enough. I employed the only method I know that works and that's shooting these guys one by one. It has become apparent to e that the word in the tree house is that the urban self-sufficientist has all the goodies. I have watched squirrels run from down the street in a file on power lines headed toward y home. This is not a house party. But they think so. Until they had a run in with my new Remington Crossman vantage.177. This is a pellet gun with a break barrel that absolutely puts the smack down on squirrels. Even though it's a pellet gun this is not a toy, you can seriously hurt somebody with this pellet gun. At 1200fps Squirrels don't have a chance anywhere near my garden. I currently killing at least one a day and my hawk is loving me for it. Shoot responsibly.


Kenneth Moore said...

I hear squirrels eat tomatoes and such when they need water--maybe this is a similar thing? My dad does enjoy jerk squirrel and squirrel stew. Are you going to eat 'em?

ATW said...

Kenneth- Do you mean squirrel jerky or Jerk like Jamaican Jerk. Both have peaked my curiosity. And yes I do eat them. Right now Im keeping every other squirrel for myself and giving one to the bird. I shot one yesterday eve as I watched it skirt along my roof to my neighbors roof and go into a Hole in his roof that they are using for a den. He came back out to get that one last goodnight to the world and lights were out literally. Im having too much fun gathering squirrels this time of the year. I need three more for my stew.