Saturday, August 6, 2011

Harvest from this seasons Haybales

Well as suspected.. I came home to find the garden looking like a scene out of Jumanji!! In my wifes defense... I have to seriously re-consider the layout of the garden for the spring and summer. It's way to hot and the mosquitos are vicious. So with some careful consideration we are going to start using our deck to grow more produce and grow produce in the garden that is easy to navigate through.

In the basket are some extremely healthy looking butternut squash and some gigantic Avocado Squash that were grown exclusively from the haybales. In fact the haybales have totally collapsed and decomposed and the vegetables are thriving on the rich matter that is accumulated in the raise beds.

Because of the heat and other issues my wife just watered the garden and said the hell with picking anything. I don't blame her... when the weather is 100 degrees and 110% percent humidity with mosquitos so thick they cover any exposed bare skin. The Avocado Squash are supposed to be harvested at around tennis ball size. They are extremely prolific and and if picked regulary will continue to produce amazing sets of buttery textured zucchini quality fruit. These on the other hand are the size of soccer balls and therefore not fit to consume or maybe I will see. But my maion focus for these guys will be to save there seeds for next season. Speaking of next Season.. We definetly need to have a new game plan to deal with this heat.


Sue said...

For not being tended, you still got quite a haul--though I wonder if those squash are edible at that size. Maybe you should just try a fall garden? Your summers are awful and your wife deserves a thousand thanks (and a really nice dinner) for watering.
(I was NOT paid for that statement!)

ATW said...

LOLOL!! yeah your right Sue.. She does deserve a lot of thanks. We have to find that happy medium.. As creative as I have been.. Im sure I can find something that we both can find sustainable.. and your right at that size they are not edible... at least I don't think.. However I am going to do a segment on saving seeds. They are perfect for seed saving.