Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Product Review--- Omega 8006 Juicer

OK I must admit I was a skeptic about this Juicing thing... My wife has become the Juice Ninja and over the past few weeks she has been juicing every thing that's green, red, yellow and orange. The first juicer was the juice man.. Because of my wife excessive juicing the Juice man didn't last 2 weeks...It broke and depression set in... Literally. This inadvertently became a good thing because it encouraged us to really explore the other options of juicing..... First things first.. When looking for a Juicer... You want a Masticating Juicer.. Steer clear away from centrifugal juicers. The reason why.... your juice yield from centrifugals like the juice man are not going to be high compared with Masticating juicers like the Omega 8006.. Centrifugals are a pain in the neck to clean... compared to masticating juicers like the 8006 that takes less than 3 mins to clean. The only upside to Centrifugal juicers is the speed in which they produce juice.. But with this speed it looses a lot of juice. The Masticating Juicers are slow to juice but the pulp from the veggies and fruit come out dry. The Juice Ninja (my wife) actually used the dry pulp from the spinach and made homemade pasta with the 8006. I wouldn't believe it if I had not seen it. Fresh eggs from the coop and Spinach from the garden with a little flour and with a quick attachment to the 8006 she made pasta.... Simply Amazing!!


Sue said...

Sounds like you guys have a new favorite. I always looked at those juicers that Jack Lalanne advertised....but the price! Eesh.
It must be good for you though-he lived a very long , healthy life!

ATW said...

HAHA! Sue- Your Right! My wife just told me that we have to pack the Juicer with us when we go on Vacation.. SMH!!

Coastal Carver said...

I strongly suspect many reviews of this product are from their marketing department.
Piece of CRAP product!
We purchase one and the juicing screen broke in under three weeks and the metal screen destroyed the auger.
Returned it, the second one broke in exactly the same way in under two weeks.
The juicing screen component is made from crap plastic and will crack, when it cracks the metal screen will break off and destroy the auger.

Anonymous said...

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Richard Dixon said...

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