Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Avocado Squash - A must for any garden

 This year I tried Avocado Squash for the first time in my Straw Bales. I didn't know what to expect. To be totally honest there was not a whole lot on the vegetable for us to really learn about... But there was one thing that was certain and that was the prolific growth from early spring and still going strong in the fall.

So what exactly is an avocado squash? There are a number of names for this vegetable. It is an Asian vegetable and if you like Zucchini you will absolutely Love the Avocado Squash.

There is some caution that needs to be adhered with regards to Growing and Eating Avocado Squash...First... If allowed to grow on the vine the Avocado Squash will get extremely seedy. The first picture shows a small Avocado Squash but as you see in the Pic I had to scoop out the inside. A good rule of thumb when Growing Avocado Squash is to grow it to the size of a large orange. If left on the vine the Avocado Squash will grow to the size of a Pumpkin.. which is great for seeds.. Some have used that size in soups.. I personally don't  want to go that route
The Entire vegetable can be eaten at the size of a large orange. Skin and All... The texture is buttery and smooth and is an excellent alternative to Zucchini.. Paired with garlic this vegetable is a home run!!

The Shelf life is short if left out at room temperature. If you harvest more than you can eat.. which you will... the Avocado Squash will store perfectly in the fridge for about a week.

This variety grows perfect in Straw bales and as personal experience will tell you it grows out of control..It also has the unique quality of being a vertical grower. So if you have limited space and want to grow up.. this will do the trick. I have heard the Avocado Squash makes Great Zucchini Bread. I cant wait to try that. 


Sue said...

This is so odd-I had never heard of this before, and yet not a week ago-a neighbor brought me down TWO. And he let them grow to the size of small pumpkins. Admittedly, I didn't cook them up-they're sitting in my "cold" room right now, and I guess they'll be compost if they're not good past orange size. But, now I know.
Are these a hybrid, or do you suppose I could at least salvage seed from the ones he gave me? I'd hate to think I totally wasted food like that, but honestly didn't know how to prepare it. Glad now I didn't get to it .

ATW said...

HAHA!! talk about timing eh!?!? Sue.. I have heard that some chefs use the larger size in soups.. Although I am a soup kind of guy.. I really like them stirred fried. You should be able to salvage the seeds from these. They are quite seedy so you should have no problem getting several... They are not a hybrid.. rather just an Asian Squash that have several names for them. I think originally from Korea... So I suspect they have some cold weather resistance.. Mine are still growing in the now collapsed strawbale.. with no signs of letting up. I will see just how long they will grow.. The Bumblebees get intoxicated with them..

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Looks a little like gem squaah!

ATW said...

Mrs B-- Your right... Avocado Squash is also Called Gem Squash.. We are really loving this variety.. But it is aggressive!!

1st Man said...

Just discovered your blog by the way, love it! Have never heard of this squash though. It looks (and sounds) delicious. When I finally get our raised beds put in and planted on our farm, I just might have to try this veggie! Thanks for the info!

ATW said...

1st Man... Thx for stopping by.. The veggie is amazing.. You will really like it. Especially if you like summer squash. But be forewarned.. its an aggressive grower and loves to climb.. if you can construct some sturdy strong trellis it would do great vertically.. Good Luck!!

Ruthie Bowles said...

I have never heard of this squash before! I'll have to try growing it in my garden next year! I love good producers! How exciting! Your tips were very useful.

I see that this post is from a few years ago. Have you continued to grow it? Any new tips?