Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Garden Buddies

Earlier this year I had a war with insects eating my garden before it got started. I thought I wold never win the battle. I left for a few months and my expectations were not great for the garden. Upon returning I noticed that my wife just literally gave up.. The garden Looked like Jumanji... Foliage was everywhere. Although it was not what I wanted I was happy that things were still green. I also noticed that the leaves were extremely healthy.. The Garden was thriving... Bumblebees are visiting... Wasps have put a dent in the slug population. Parasitic Wasps are impregnating aphids with their spawn, with the turn of a spade there are more earthworms than I can ever count and I have an unbelievable amount of Praying mantis that have resided in and around my garden. They must be breeding because I see small ones and big ones. The Mantis is so cool. They are so patient. I suspect they are thriving on the healthy flying cockroach the south is so well known for. Have at it!! All in all things are looking good while preparing for the fall growing season.. Hopefully we can continue to provide a sanctuary for my garden buddies in the years to come.


Sue said...

I think your little buddy that would give me quite a shock the first time seeing him. Very cool.

My neighbor down the road does a full blown war with the insects--the whole chemical thing. It's unreal down there--there's not a bird , a butterfly, NOTHING. And her garden --well, not so good.

I don't know if it grows down south, but I always have a large patch of milkweed growing in my garden. I did it to attract the Monarch butterflies, but it also seemed to attract every noxious insect out there.....and kept my stuff relatively "bug-free". I will always use my fabric covers on broccoli/cauliflower/potatoes, but really, I had no problems with anything else. I truly believe nature --if left alone-balances things out. You're ugly buddy there is proof.

I'm almost done with the garden for the year-so I'm always hoping you southerners keep the garden "bug" in me satisfied..so I hope your doing a fall garden (?)

ATW said...

Sue-- Your neighbor sounds like my dad... You need a bio Suit to enter the area!! My mom has forced him to change his ways and he now grows as natural as possible.. You are dead on with nature should take care of its own.. I was having such a hard time this year with the pest.. I flirted with the idea of using chemicals and then It dawned on me that if I did... I would kill all my Good bugs inthe process.. I placed all my bets on Nature and it hasnt let me down.. Makes you think about all the beautiful produce at the market with no flaws.... How much chemicals they must use to have the perfect product