Sunday, February 5, 2012

Buy Lady bugs online

Its Feburary and the aphid infestation is in full force from being protected in the sun room. I absolutely hate aphids!! Here in the south its an accepted way of growing that we are going to be fighting the aphid. I have tried everything from chemicals to soap water. But nothing gets rid of Aphids better than using Lady Bugs. When your lady bugs arrive follow the instructions on how to care for them and when to release them. Usually its at night. The ladies will start climbing to the highest peak they can find. As they scout every square inch of the plant they will run into aphids and start jabbing them with there sword and sucking the juice YESSS!! and when they have had thier fill they will socialize and mate and lay eggs. In a few weeks if you are successful you will see the most horrific looking larva. Something so hideous that Hollywood has yet to match it. If you think the Lady bug is bad... Wait until she unleashes Satans Spawn. I am Fortunate to be able to offer Lady Bugs as well as other Benifical Bugs for the Home Garden through my Online Store. Which saves you the trouble of asking your Local Garden Center if they Sell Lady Bugs and they reply "What do you need lady Bugs For?" True Story!!

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