Saturday, February 11, 2012

Delicious Greek Honey Apple walnut Drizzle!!

My wife has found another winner. Everybody knows I'm a Carnivore. BUT!! if she continues to pull stuff off like this I may trade in my fangs for more of this type of Delicious Goodness. You cant go wrong with Greek yogurt, apples walnuts and honey. This is especially a delight if you happen to be fortunate enough to make your own honey, grow your own apples, culture your own Greek yogurt and Have access to walnut trees. Speaking of which I live on and around a Pecan Orchard so I will definitely try this with some soft Sweet Georgia Pecans.
I can't describe the taste. The honey and Greek yogurt combination with apple and walnut is unique and keeps you coming back for more. My wife said its like your first love. I turned around and Said "Ohhhhh Really!!" "SOOOO this is That GOOD HUH!!!" LOL!! She quickly explained laughing , saying "no nooo, not like that, but more like the innocence of enjoying your first love." Ok  Ok I guess I understand. Guys huh LOL How arrogant we must be to think our wives only loved us forever and ever. Well I will warn you fellas, If you don't want your life mate conjuring up thoughts of their first love saturated in innocence. You might just want to skip this page and buy them a beer. On further thought beer my not be a good idea neither:) 

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