Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lamb Fries anyone!?!?

So im visiting this Extreme cold state of Oklahoma and went out to eat and there I found the Infamous Lamb Fries on the menu. I had to try it. The thought of eating lamb scrotum didn't bother me a bit. It was really good. But than again everything fried tastes good. So Im not sure if they were prepared for lets say a "Puritan" if I would have appreciated them. I don't have very good memories of Oklahoma, the last time I visited I almost died of pneumonia but I did get to see my first ever tumble weed barrel across the road I only saw those on the movies and I also saw my first ever prairie dog in a real live wild prairie town. Being from NY City I was wishing I had that huge hammer to smash each one of them as they poked there heads out. But anyways here I am again in this frigid 17 degree F whipped air battling with another cold. It sux. My wife told me it was 70 degrees yesterday back home, Bummer!!


Sue said...

And I'm betting Oklahoma is even colder today! And back home, you don't get to watch the tumbleweeds.
Stay warm!

ATW said...

Sue- I don't even know what to call the cold here. It's windy and cold and goes straight through you. We got a chance to drive out and about and even though there is nothing but rolling hills and farm country, I kind of found my appreciation for OK, Im warming up to it.

Wendy said...

I think there's something about it being so flat, treeless, and windy that makes it seem colder. I lived in central Texas many years ago, and I can remember that it felt colder than it does to me here in Maine. Temperature-wise, it's colder here, but without the driving wind and with the air being more moist here (I guess) the cold doesn't feel so ... merciless ;).

Make sure when you're outside that you're wearing gloves. It, seriously, makes a difference.

ATW said...

Thanks Wendy-- Your right about the gloves. Oklahomans are interesting bunch like Texas. I met people of all races in texas and the only way to describe them is Texan. It's the same here with Oklahoma. I met a black man that had so much cowboy country swagger. I just smiled and said he's Oklahoman. It takes a tough crowd to endure the cold out here and I can tell by how tall these folks are around here. I feel like a midget!!

jjd said...

Yea ... I've had lamb fries as well and agree that anything fried is fair game. I probably couldn't tolerate one nigiri-style, if that even exists.

Dan said...

"but without the driving wind and with the air being more moist here (I guess) the cold doesn't feel so ... merciless ;)."

SOOO close, but ya flipped it around :). It feels so darn cold here b/c it is so moist. We are always at like 900% humidity (i exagerate...but you get the point)...not all of us Okies are so "country" WHERE in Mcalister ya know :). I enjoyed our conversation, and look forward to your success with you new bird.

ATW said...

jjd- im with you bro on the nigiri thing. But than again I have been known to eat some wierd things. But only if you try it first:)

Dan- TULSA!! Dude I was right in Tulsa. Tulsa changed my opinion about OK, I love the country but my roots are in the city and every now and again I love to mingle and shop. My wife is afraid that im turning into a complete redneck, but Im not, I just love outdoors and experimenting with different things. I hope to be back one day and maybe do some hunting with you.

Anonymous said...

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