Sunday, December 20, 2009

Meet the Natives

We love watching the travel channel. Im a huge follower of Bourdaine and Zimmerman. But tonight I have found a show that has them both beat and its 'Meet the Natives". Talk about refreshing. A few years back I saw an episode on the Natives of New Guinea and instantly fell in love with such a happy folk. What draws me to this show is how innocent and pure they are in there thinking. I have been laughing hysterically at their interactions with "Us normal Folk" (YAWN!!) To say the least there have been great moments of the show but when they went to NYC, I felt really embarrassed. You don't realize the depts of ignorance people have until it comes out in subtle ways. Things we take for granted and think as normal makes no sense to them. For instance, on of the men from New Guinea asked a family, why do they just have grass in the backyard. The man replied, it's because it feels soft, the man from New Guinea could not understand how anyone could have land with sun and not grow vegetables. I understand that not everyone would like to live that way but this show really brings it back full circle as they travel the U.S. Brilliantly done!!


Sue said...

This sounds like a neat show (I haven't seen it)but when I saw the previews, I wondered if they wouldn't be somehow "dissatisfied" with their lives once they were done. And wouldn't that alter their culture?

ATW said...

Sue- I was thinking the same thing. But oddly enough these were some very wise and practical men. For instance they were introduced to a pet store and couldn't beleieve how we put so much emphasis on taking care of pets. They were shocked to find out that dogs even had clothes. But what bothered them was how people who live in poverty don't get the same type of respect that animals do in our society. The chief even made a comment about it seems that in America if you don't have money you can not be happy. Which is in direct contrast to thier way of life because they live in a money-less society. if you get a chance watch the montana and orange county Ca clip. It had me rolling

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