Sunday, December 27, 2009

Over winter transplanted pepper plants Flowering

Sooooooo after filling water bottles for the rabbits, filling up there feed trays, feeding the chickens, feeding the hawk, feeding the dogs, spreading hay over the raised beds growing my onions, garlic and snap beans, watering all the plants in the sun room, I look up and see this, a flower from one of my transplanted pepper plants that I pulled out of the garden to over winter. Even though I live in the south it has been cold here lately and my sun room is not insulated. But nonetheless, it is facing south and gets sunlight from the morning to the mid afternoon. This little guy brought a smile to my face. I guess they just don't want to give up. I have high hopes for my transplants this up coming year and the best thing about all of this is the fact that I don't have to start from seed again.


Kenneth Moore said...

Awesome, ATW!

Use a vibrating toothbrush or your beard trimmer on the flower--it'll pollinate and you can have winter peppers!

I'm glad your sun room isn't too cold for the plants. You have such a great setup in there!

ATW said...

Thanks Kenneth- I have been busy, but life still is going on and surprising me along the way.

Anonymous said...

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