Saturday, February 4, 2012

Growing Oregano in the winter

I started growing Oregano from seed successfully last year and all the plants have endured tremendously this winter. I'm not sure how they will fair in other climates lower than Zone 8, but they have been through some extreme heat and intense cold.. ok I know... it gets cold for like a week here. But still:) It's comforting to know that if Oregano is in a happy place it's going to thrive. I'm very proud of the Oregano. Hopefully this year I will be able to save some seeds from this plant and prolong it's genetics.


Sue said...

We've had only 24" of snow this winter-and I noticed mine peeking out the other day as the snow recedes, so I can tell you Oregano is very durable stuff. (until Mr. Bunny eats it!)

Have you guys had a really warm winter compared to most years? We're down over 5 feet of snow for the season so far and none in sight for the next week either. It's a bummer up snowmobiling/skiing. Bah! Might as well live down south-LOL!

ATW said...

SUE-- ONLY 24"!!!! Im so embarrassed to even complain.. for a week it went down to the high twenties at night and high 40s to mid 50s during the day. Now the evenings are in the mid to upper 50s and the during the day its mid 60s to mid 70s:( This is winter for us. Trees are starting to bud even though all the leaves from certain trees have not fell yet. It's wierd Sue.. I was killing mosquitos yesterday.. and thats the down side. I have a huge aphid infestation from the sun room. The cold weather kills most of the bugs. Last night I walked outside and saw a newly hatched Praying mantis on my overwintered pepper plants.. IT'S FRIGGIN WINTER!!!!!LOLOL!!