Sunday, December 9, 2012

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Its been several months since I made my last post. Taking time off to clear my head and work through the new challenges in my life as helped out tremendously. Instead of ramping things down I have actually doubled down over the past several months learning new things and developing a different concept on life and the meaning of being a "Self-Sufficientist". I appreciate all the bloggers and readers who visit this site to exchange ideas and I look forward to sharing this next chapter of my life with you all. Thanks for all the continued support!! To better serve you with the most outrageous and thought provoking material on the topic of Self-Sufficiency please do a Search on Facebook for the Urban Self-Sufficientist. I will use this tool along with the Blog as a way to continue sharing my adventures. Take care and Of Course..... "Happy Gardening!":)

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