Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Squirrel in the Bag!!

Taka did very well today. I should also add she does well everytime I bring her out even though she doesn't get a kill on each outing. I can say this because her intensity level to hunt is always high. I have hunted her day after day this week and each time she seems to be getting just a little smarter. It's almost like she knows what works and what doesn't.
Before she would barrell through branches and slam into the earth and end up with nothing. But as each day goes by she is picking her strikes very carefully; just watching and waiting as the squirrel scurries from tree limb to limb. Before she would follow on and get lost in the array of vines and tree limbs as the squirrel attracts her to the top of the canopy taking away her advantage of a dynamic strike. Now taka sits back and flies parrallel to the squirrel and waits for an opening.
Today was a great hunt from the same wiley ol buck squirrels that have outwitted and barked at her with a sense of arrogance. But today there was just silence in the trees as she fatally placed her kill talon behind the neck of the large squirrel. I sense that the squirrels have to figure out something new quick because for now Taka has a new kill stratedgy and it will prove to be lethal.

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