Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DInner Buddies

Soooooo, who says the best side dish for macoroni and cheese isn't a Kimber 45.cal with a laser grip. This is a great hand gun. The laser sights have been zeroed into 25 yards. This hand gun had great balance and I really like the placement of the safety. Im not a glock type of guy, I know many who swear by them but they are not for me. Im looking at this kimber or an HK maybe I my just get my wife the Kimber and I may just get the HK. But nonetheless, this is a fine weapon and goes great with Mac and cheese:)

Now this M14-with bipod, scope , and rail system is friggen awesome. Notice the home made sweet potatoe pie on the stove. I made that myself and it's a great compliment to the M14. Here my buddy is showing off his digs. The M14 is in my opinion the greatest long gun for tactical and personal protection purposes. The 7.62 round is so lethal and versatile nothing else can compare.
I know there are alot of people out there who are sqeamish about guns. But they need to wake up. Any time, we all can find ourselves in a "Katrina" situation where there is no civil government and the bad people will be left to have fun with no consequence. Not on my watch, not in my neighborhood and not on my front porch.


ChristyACB said...

I hear you!

As a career Naval Officer and the person who drove the first ship in for Katrina, I can attest to what you're saying.

I keep telling people that the veneer of civilization is very thin and skims off after one missed meal.

Glad you have a good head on your shoulders about it and a gun to protect it!

ATW said...

Christy-- First I want to say thank you for your service. Second, that must have been some experience coming into the aftermath of katrina. I could only imagine how horrible it must have been. I was in Iraq in one of the worst places at the time and I could remember emailing my mom telling her that you don't have to come to Iraq to witness the evil intent of people who seek to control and destroy everything.

Katrina more so than Iraq pushed my mindset toward protection. And not just of my family but my community. I would hate to be in that situation, but if I had to I definately want to be prepared. Great Post Christy!!