Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Georgia Pecans mmmmmm!!!

I walked outside today and it was beautiful spring weather. Yes, spring weather; wet and warm, somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 degrees and awesome. I went to the garden today and I noticed that the greens are doing great and the snap peas are climbing well and then I noticed a dark shell and in it was a tan nut. I was puzzled a bit about the type of nut or seed that was in it and as I peeled the shell back I noticed that it was a pecan.

But then I noticed that many of the nuts that have fallen have already been eaten. There were literally hundreds of pecans that were chewed up and eaten all over the yard. The only culprit would be my dog cheeba!!! No wonder her coat is so beautiful. She beat us to the bounty.
So I hurried up and went out this evening to pick as many pecans I could find. I found a few and my wife I find that these pecans are amazing. I am fortunate to have 4 huge pecan trees overhanging in my backyard.

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