Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Sausage

Recently I have become Fascinated with the process of making Homemade Sausage. So much so that, hopefully one day I actually become an artisan. What can be better than marrying meat, fire, wood, smoke, herbs and a bit of creativity? My interest was peaked when I bit into a delicious all beef hot dog from Boars Head. The firm but delicate texture and the crunch of the slim dog on a bun with just ketchup and mustard. I was sold and now I'm on a quest of making my own. With all the reading that I have been doing, it is suggested that I start out with sausages first and then work my way to making wieners. At the end of the day I want to produce a sausage and ultimately a dog that's amazing!! Only time will tell. But as I become more comfortable with my smoker I realize that I have what it takes to make a half decent product. I can't wait. I just need to convince my wife that I need to buy a sausage maker instead of her espresso machine:)


Sue said...

Bad call. You need to buy her the espresso machine AND all the accessories.....and THEN you talk about sausage makers. You'll get a LOT further that way!

ATW said...

HAHAHA!! Sue your right!! BUTTTTT she is like the appliance DIVA! The only Appliance she doesnt have is an Espresso Machine LOL!

Dione Nye said...

How are you doing with your sausage making? I have a bad feeling your wife didn’t like the idea of a sausage maker taking the place of her espresso machine. Anyway, I wish you all the luck. Homemade sausages are relatively easy to make and you can use whatever ingredient you want.