Monday, December 19, 2011

Hunting Wild Boar

I'm blessed to live in area with access to so much hunting land. This hunting season has been truly rewarding. Pictured is a Wild Boar I took while hunting in Central Georgia a few weeks ago. Lately I have been having aspirations to become an artisan sausage maker. I am fascinated with cured and smoke meats. Hopefully one day I can transfer this passion into something real. But for now I'm going to enjoy the hunt and ultimately the feast. This wild boar dressed out at 190lbs his testicles were huge and he had battle scars. I shot him with  an AR10 Armalite .308 caliber 7.62mm Match Grade at approx 100 yds. When I shot him the Satans Dog spun around and ran right towards me clapping his jaws to sharpen his tusk. I must admit.... I was gripped with fear. I really thought I was going to die. But as he neared toward my location he started to give way to the damage of my bullet and dropped dead 20 yards in front of me. Still frozen with intense fear, I stared at him for another 20 mins. When it was all done. I was extremely proud and relieved to live another day.
Wild boar can sometime be tough. But in the fall and winter they eat multitudes of acorns.. especially white acorns from the white oak. This boar taste so great!! I'm looking forward to bagging another one here shortly..


Sue said...

Congrats on a successful hunt!
That must have been terrifying when he charged. I'm sure I would have turned and run (even though that wouldn't do any good!)

becky3086 said...

Good job! I have never seen a wild hog here though I have heard they are in the woods here.

ATW said...

Sue-Becky... Thanx!! I was gripped with fear!! I literally froze as I watched this beast running straight towards me. Instead of following up with another round. I Just stood there staring at this thing in disbelief. Saying.. "why is he still running and why is he still running toward me LOL!!