Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vegetables Seeds are Expensive

Over the pass few years I always look forward to my new tradition of buying seeds for the upcoming growing season. With the economy in the tank these days I have seen a steady trend of people starting home gardens and couple that with the 2012 end of the world hoop-la and we now have a seed crisis. Just take a look at burpees website and you will quickly realize that the average price for a pack of seeds are $5. That's INSANE!!! But it's business and the demand is up for seeds. I have flown around other sites and have found that although not topping the charts at $5-$6 a pack they have too raised their prices. I know I'm going to get punched in the face for saying this but the only seed company with reasonable prices this time of year is Baker Creek .

Last year I started saving my own seeds. This year I'm looking to go full throttle and save all of my seeds. The goal is to never purchase seeds again. There have been reports that brokers are buying vast quantities of seed stores as a type of commodity like you would gold or silver or even pork. To think that seeds will be more valuable than money one day. I hope yall got your guns... Because I sure do!!


Hazel said...

This is why saving one's own seed is becoming so popular. But even at the high prices you note, seeds are much, much cheaper than buying seedlings.

ATW said...

True indeed Hazel... I recieved my seeds today and did an inventory. I noticed there were unopen packets of seeds that cost $1.27 a pack. The same seeds this year are going for $5.95. I look forward to purchasing seeds every year. but now my friends and I are trading seeds that we grow every year. This year I look forward to contributing to the seed pool ;)

agwh said...

Fedco usually has good seed prices. I haven't seen the 2012 catalog yet, but most years it is a whole lot cheaper than Burpee and Park.

Another affordable seed source is Sand Hill preservation, but their catalog won't be out until almost February.

I've been saving some seed, too, to take some of the strain off my gardening budget, but also to make sure I have seeds that will do well in my yard (here in NW Georgia).

Hope your search for good, affordable seeds goes well!

Anonymous said...

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ATW said...

agwh- thanks for the seed leads. I have not heard of those companies and I will definetly check into them. Im a seed addict:)

ATW said...

Captain Kirk.. I took a look at your site and I am interested in talking to you. I sent you an email. TTYS