Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Closer Look at Taka

Taka is coming into a comfortable zone that I did not expect. Besides being one of the most goffiest looking redtails I have known she is by far a hardworking stratetgist. It is amazing to see her work the canopy. She knows she is at a clear disadvantage with the squirrels. After all they have there gazillions of branches and holes to scurry about and hide in. But all in all Taka seems to be learning everytime she out afield on a hunt for ol bushy tail.
I find it amazing when I am trying to call her down she refuses to give up when she knows there is a squirrel just on the other side of the tree. I have learned to pick up on her silent talk that tells me the hunt is still on, even though I think it's quitting time. The bottom line is; I thought I have trained her but in reality she is training me. After all she is killing up close and personal and I am assisting her.
Our relationship is gelling very nice as we head to the field. It's going to be hard to cut her jesses at the end of Mar and let her go for good. Im sure I will feel a sense sadness when she is gone. But deep down inside I know it's selfish of me to keep her all of her life. She needs to find a mate and produce more outstanding squirrell catchers.
I know it's to early to start thinking about this but I can't help knowing that the experience I am sharing with this fine hunter will have to come to an end one day.

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