Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello and a quick Goodbye! Mr CopperHead

Today began the opening of bow hunting season and I had a great time trekking through the woods and scouting for deer sign. I used today to familiarize myself with my hunting area. The deer have the advantage, it's going to be another tough game of chess this year, but I'll get one hopefully.

As I was heading back out of the woods I saw a game trail and I figured I would just follow along side of it to understand more of the area. Well as I walked parallel to the trail, I came to a dead stop, I didn't know why. But it was the same feeling when I came to a dead stop a few years back when I was in the presence of a box turtle and the other time when I almost stepped on a rattle snake two years ago. My senses were high for some reason and I didn't know why until I looked down and saw a Copperhead similar to the one in the photo perfectly camouflaged along the Forest floor. WOE!!! I moved back a little and just observed it. It was beautiful! I couldn't stop looking at it, I was in a trance just trying to make out the patterns along the leaves. I know that Copperheads are the least fatal of all the venomous snakes but I also know they are responsible for the most bites in the U.S. But I won't be a statistic today. Because today the woods belongs to the fire ants, hornets and Mr. Copperhead


Sue said...

Wow-close call with the CopperHead. You must be really in tune with your surroundings-they say we all have this , its' just that we've lost it due to all the distractions of modern life. Lucky you were observant!
Thanks for your comment on Biosphere-I believe the problem they encountered was in-fighting, and also their inability to produce enough of their own food. They were living on 12-1700 calories a day.....they lost a LOT of weight. But wow, what a neat experiment!

ATW said...

Sue- I hate hokus Pokus witch magic type of stuff, but I really believe that there are other senses that we use that most of us are not aware of. In the woods, like in combat everything has to be turned on. Im just happy I didn't hurt ol jake and he didn't hurt me.

As for the Bio-sphere experiment, I am so fascinated about that story. It seemed like they put more into the science aspect and forgot about social ineraction. I read that they used people from all over the world. I soo wish I was a fly on the wall with that one. I wonder if any of those people had any experince in farming or survival. I hope someone somewhere is giving more thought to this and I would love to see this tried again. Thanks for the post!!