Friday, September 4, 2009

Urban Hunter?

Hunting season is upon us. Here in GA the season really gets kicked off by Dove season. I lived in an Urban Environment all of my life and when most people find out how much I am into hunting and fishing they are amazed that an ol city boy can get down with the best of them. I even challenged an active member of the Klu Klux Klan that I could gut and clean a deer faster than he can. He was actually shocked and for a moment it seemed as though he was talking to one of his brothers. It goes to show that when people are on common ground stereotypes and prejudices can be pushed aside even if it's for a split second.

I am an Urban Hunter and in a nutshell it means that I support conservation. Now this may seem like an Oxymoron to some because the very notion of hunting seems counter productive to conservation. But to the contrary, my hunting license that I purchase every year goes to the Fish and wild life services to maintain our Forrest and public lands that are on the outskirts of our urban sprawls. Hunters believe it or not do more for conservation than is commonly known.

Our History has been clouded by the actions of the "Great White Hunters" who trek all over the Globe to kill defenceless animals for sport with no sense of preservation. These things inevitably changed by the actions of one man (President Theodore Roosevelt) who I have the honor of calling my hero. He single handily attacked the issues of preservation (the preserving of resources for the few) and conservation ( the the careful utilization of a natural resource in order to prevent depletion.) By tackling these two issues and providing a place for hunters to pursue game and at the same time manage our precious resources; the idea of our National Parks were spawned and along with that were myriads of laws and regulations that would guide our behavior to maintain the beauty of our rich resources.

So here I am a century later living in an urban sprawl; fine tuning my Bow, zeroing my arrows, dusting off the ole shotgun and preparing for this years falconry season. I'm looking forward to preparing a meal of wild Boar loins, grilled venison back straps, fried rabbit, stewed squirrel and wine braised quail, freshly made with the Harvest from my Urban Garden. For some people it's a way of life, for me the beat of my drum signals a different tune, As an Urban Hunter I find pleasure shopping and eating great food downtown but I find peace leaning against an ol tree stump somewhere deep among the hard woods.


Kenneth Moore said...

I think hunting's definitely a necessity, what with the lack of bears and mountain lions and such. Something has to fill the gap, right? But not overly so--just enough to keep populations at sustainable levels. I think it'd be cool to introduce predators, but not everyone's fine with that.

My father is definitely one of those who hunts not for conservation purposes but just because he is allowed by law to carry a weapon and shoot living beings with it. I think he's just itching for some trespasser to come in so he can shoot him, legally.

Having grown up in PG County around DC, I sometimes forget things like the KKK exist. It's just so not a part of my mindset, it would be weird for me to live in an area where I'd run into a member and challenge him to a deer-gutting contest! Although, I have lived on Maryland's Eastern Shore, too, where people fly confederate flags in their yards, and it's a bit... I don't know. Weird and conflicting.

I should go out to the shooting range with my mom--I need some practice, my aim has gotten so off since I left for university!

ATW said...

Kenneth- Sorry for getting back to your comment late. I would never suspected you to be the gun shooting type of guy. Thats awesome!! And I agree with you about the predators. Its a tough balance for re-introduction becuase someones kid will make better fare than a small fawn. I support all hunters right and even those mountain men who live so far in the back woods who hunt any season because they need to for survival. Hunting season is next week and hopefully i can put some meat in the freezer.