Monday, October 26, 2009

Bok Choy Second Growing Season Zone 8

Bok Choy, is hands down one of my favorite leafy green veggies. They are a great alternative to spinach and cabbage. As the cool weather sets in here in the south our Bok choy are loving every bit of it. About a week ago I thinned several of the plants and my wife and I ate the tender clippings in a stir fry. Today I went back out to the garden to prepare another meal and noticed that the Bok choy was growing in full force with much stronger leaves. As I started clipping the leaves I noticed that there are just way to much and I got tired I finished about half way through the clippings until I got smoked. They went really well with the stir fry of other fresh veggies we pulled from the garden and fresh pesto we made over the weekend that went will with our grilled Chicken breast... Absolutely delicious!!!


Anonymous said...

ATW, Thanks for responding to my post. I'm very excited about my gardening project. Yes there is a wealth of info on the Net, I especially enjoy EG, he's always coming up with something that often mind bogglingbut interesting to say the least.
I do have a variety of greens, some beans and sugar peas along with some broccoli, brussel sprouts, lettuce, radish, carrots, etc. Of course I'm interested in some asian varieties, I love veggies. Most of these are from plants which I purchased and some from seed. I am going to try very hard to prepare over the winter and start my own seedlings for spring.
I changed my online ID.

The Beneficial Bee said...

Bok Choy, huh? I guess I have to break down and give it a try. I've been stuck on my new love of chard. Time to open my horizons again!

Sue said...

I'm glad you had this post-I've never tried it, and never thought I would. I do LOVE spinach though, and if this is like that.......

ATW said...

luv2garden- When I was getting started this time last year I found some really cool stuff on Ebay for really cheap to get me started growing in the house. In fact on my title page, the main picture shows a seed tray. That tray has over 200 seed slots that are 1 inch deep. I won 10 of them for $8.00 and if you have a chance try growing some of your squash species, melons or tomatoes in a haybale next year from seeds that you grew over the winter. You will be surprised.

BB and Sue- If you love swiss chard and spinach than bok choy will be a great addition to these as well. Sometimes we mix all the greens up and eat them together. They are great in stir fries and wonderful in salads. The nutritonal aspect alone is out of this world. According to Dr Barry Sears, He listed in his book "The top 100 Zone foods"; Bok choy is the healthiest type of cabbage you can eat. One cup of Bok choy has the same amount of Calcium as a 1/2 cup of milk and the reccomended daily allowance for Beta Carotene. It's a great leafy green veggie thats easy to grow.

Bok choy is also known under the name as Pak choy or Pak choi, we like the baby green stemmed variety. Two of the places we get our Asian seeds from are:


Im glad my wife is Japanese and introduced me to this because I didn't know anything else existed except Collard Greens:)