Saturday, October 10, 2009

Butternut Squash Hand Pollination

My Butternut squash have been doing really well. The one thing that I am impressed the most about this variety, is the fact that they don't take up much space at all. Unlike Zucchini the butternut squash stay in there own raised bed. In fact I only planted 6 seeds in half of the bed and they have contained themselves there. The key is to buy space saving Seeds. I purchased this Butternut Squash Space Saving variety From Burpee. The seeds do much better if you soak them for a day before sowing them. We tried sowing without soaking and none of the seeds germinated. When we Soaked them, they all germinated.
I also decided to plant 2 in containers and surprisingly they are doing well. Today I noticed a male flower blooming in his glory from one of my containers and I decided to snip him off with some scissors, pull the flower petals back to expose his pollen and began hand pollinating the female plants in the raised beds by simply connecting the male to the female pollen. I don't have a large garden so hand pollinating will be ok for me. I think I can control it better and from the way it looks I am going to have a bounty of Butternut Squash this fall and winter. More updates to follow..........


Sue said...

I was just reading "a bounty of squash this fall" and thinking isn't fall over??? We got snow last night. And it's now 24 degrees.
Don't get me wrong--I LOVE winter, but at times like this, I envy you southern folks and your gardens.

ATW said...

Sue-- It's wierd because I Love the cold. I hate Humid weather. It was friggin 90 degrees yesterday. My pepper plants and eggplants have set all new flowers. Im really not use to this being from the North East, But I guess I'll just have to deal with it:)