Monday, October 5, 2009

Vegas on a Budget

Our trip to Las Vegas was great. It was everything we expected and more. We are not ultra conservative folk and we are not the type that live on another planet. So with everything that Las Vegas has to offer we found ourselves somewhere right in the middle.

Since we are not rich folk like the guy who was playing $300 dollar hands at the roulette table and Lost friggen 5 times before he moved to another table. We budgeted everything for las Vegas, from shows, to food, to gambling. Needless to say the first two we did great at; gambling---um--noooo. However, we had alot of fun. The key was setting money aside for gambling and when it was done we were done. My wife had a great plan, she would win in increments and move on, instead of staying there and win more and then 'Like ME" lose everything. Yeah we were Vegas Virgins and as I read before and 'SHOULD HAVE" learned (THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS).

We stayed at the MGM Grand and it was very nice but it was a ways down the strip across from Newyork, Newyork. The Mega Hotels were great but they all had this smell that resembled Grandmas Closet. MGM had a really nice buffet special that cost approx $30 for the day. It included breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being home grown foodies we were really impressed at the level of super fresh, vegetables and fruit that vegas had to offer it was awesome. Even though the MGM had a great Buffet it was not something that we wanted to do everyday. We felt kind of compelled to eat there since we paid our money and when the day was over we moved on to the other hotels with extraordinary buffets.

A few places that I will visit again is Le Village; they had an unbelievable brunch buffet, french inspired and all you can drink champagne. The seafood was great, along with the lamb and unbelievable creme brule. It was Absolutely amazing!! If you are feeling squirrely For seafood and sushi Todai Japanese Buffet was another great deal. In most small American towns buffets are not going to cost you $20-$30 range, But for the quality of food you can not beat these prices for the level of freshness that you will receive there.

ll in all when we go back we will probably stay at the Planet Hollywood because most of the shops, $5 dollar tables and great places to eat are in that general area. When we do go back we will probably stay no more than 3 days max with 2 nights, see a a show or two and back to normal life.
Seeing shows; I have never even wanted to see a show in las vegas until my wife convinced me that it will be fun. But at $100 dollars a ticket up to $180. How can you reasonably see a show? Online offered no real deals, so when we got there we found these places that were along the strip tix4tonight they offered anywhere from 20%-50% off on the shows. But before we headed to those places we went to our Concierge and they were able to pull some really good deals for us on the shows. We saw Ka at the MGM and it was just WOW!! I recommend this show for everyone. If you can get seats a little further back looking at the stage, you will be able to see everything.
The second Show we saw was Zumanity ; okkkkkkkkkkkkk so what do I have to say about Zumanity. First of all it was a GREAT SHOW!!!! But this show is not for anyone with extremely conservative values. This show offered Old world and New world Lasvegas. Lets face it, it is an erotic show and no matter how many times people are told this some idiot still buys the ticket and gets offended and walks out. Warning!!!!!!!!!!!! Zumanity is for Adults and Only adults who are willing to open up and have fun. It was a Great Show!!! but I will only recommend this show to people who are open minded. And if you want to be apart of the show do yourself a favor and sit near the stage. I am soo glad we didn't we had perfect seats along the outer edge. It was perfect.


The Beneficial Bee said...

I like your pics of the city. Very cool. Sounds like a fun get-away vacation!

ATW said...

Beneficial- Thanks.. So many people take pics of Vegas nightlife and those pics are all over the place but I wanted to show day time vegas because there is so much to do. We will definately be back for sure.

Sue said...

Wow, sounds like you had quite a good time. Though we were in the area for a bit, I couldn't convince hubby to trek into Vegas. I think he's heard to many "stories"........
And well, I confess , the THREE times I've ever gambled , I lost my $20 in less than 2 minutes.
Glad you had fun. I know the buffets would have been MY daily trek....

ATW said...

Sue-- LMAO, my wife is the same way, she lost $20 and it was like losing the whole world. This was the first time for vegas and I am so not into Gambling, but it was fun to endulge. Even though we had a great time we couldn't wait to get back home to normal life.

Anonymous said...