Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hugo, Tommy and Cheeba Oh My!!

The Big Guy Hugo is going through a crisis of some sort, for many years he has been the King of the house. Hugo is some kind of cat with a great personality. He loves to be stroked and his deep purr lets you know that he appreciates every bit of it. But something happened when we left for Vegas. Things changed for some reason. The one thing we noticed when we came back was that his scratch post was in the middle of the hallway. Im not to smart on cat behavior, but I know that big cats use scratch post to show other cats how dominate they are. I love having fun with Hugo when he starts to scratch, because as soon as he starts I will position myself in a door way and start scratching as far as I can reach. Apparently the higher the scratch marks, is a great indication of how much of a bad ass you are. When he sees that his hair flares out and he starts running for the nearest hole to squeeze in, Hugo as you probably have figured out is not a small cat, he is an XX Large Tabby that weighs almost 25lbs. My wife brought him with her from Japan along with Tommy. Hugo and Tommy are like apples and oranges. But unbeknown to us a power play has been in the works for some time and now Tommy is the ruler of the house. I use to think Hugo was a bully; but once I got to know him, I understand him better and realize that the way he ruled the house was actually based on order and fairness. But now with Tommy "the Quiet One" aka "Night-Stalker-Psycho-Boy" who never sleeps. He has exploited this weakness for his benefit and has pushed hugo to one section of our home, Our Bedroom; which Hugo Never leaves now. I think hugo got caught on the scratch post and couldn't get loose and Tommy jumped on him. There was hair in the hall way and a spot on Tommy, but whatever happened Hugo will not leave our Bed Room he was so scared to leave our side that he pooped on the master baths rug. Right in fron me Grossssssssssssss! But I love Hugo he is a great cat. What does my dog Cheeba think about all of this? She just roles her eyes. She is absolutely oblivious to the inner dealings of the feline world.


Sue said...

All the animals seem to have some kind of pecking order. I guess even we humans do to. Cheeba probably feels pretty lucky to be out of that crisis!

ATW said...

Sue- Cheeba is so thankful and it's amazing because she can not stand stray cats. But she really respects these guys. But than again with Hugo around she better.