Saturday, October 31, 2009

Overwinter Transplants off to a Good start

My pepper plants have been doing well inside. This is the first time I have tried to bring a plant that was growing in the garden and convert it to the container and bring it indoors. The flowers have been setting on the plant and I have been making sure the door is closed to not allow for any drafts. But so far so good. My goal is to keep this guys green until spring and then I can take the containers outside and mother nature can take care of the rest.

My eggplant seems to have taken well to the transplant as well. I would really like for this guy to be successful. The Japanese eggplant are unbelievable and this is coming from someone who really doesn't like to eat eggplant. He is definitely a winner! The trick again is to preserve these perennials through the winter and have a head start for spring and summer next year. Speaking of next year I have to start planning for what type of seeds I want to purchase next year. We are definitely going to grow more of what we eat regularly and I would like to try growing some fruits and veggies from the middle east in containers. It should be fun.


Sue said...

Typical gardener-just finished with one season, and planning for next year already!! LOL!
I was on Heirloom Seeds website already plannning for the spring...
Guess it gets into our blood!

ATW said...

Sue- I have to attribute all these new habits to you and everyone else I have learned from. Sitting down with my wife and planning for next year is like going out to a movie. How Weird!?!?!

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