Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coon Hunting

I went over my Buddy Matt's House today for a squirrel hunt and ended up getting two squirrels and two coons. I told Matt it was more like grocery shopping than hunting. Growing up, I was always amazed at the stories my dad told me about coon hunting. Although him and I never got a chance to hunt together, those stories instilled in me the need to be a patron of the outdoors. Although we didn't hunt these coons in the traditional way coon hunters usually hunt them, ( Matt with his eagle eye and the aid of Natural Ice Light, Said, "Hey what the Hell is that?!?!" as we walked to the edge of a beaver pond)  it still closes the circle with my strong lineage of coon hunters. I remember vividly the many coon dinners my dad made when I was a kid growing up. In the south for some people eating coon is as American as apple pie. If you never had Coon before imagine roast beef and BBQ ribs. I can't tell my dad about these guys because he is going to want me to ship them up north. I on the other hand have my own plans and that's baking these jokers the traditional way with yams. Um..... Ummmm..... Ummmmmm..... Goodnesss!!

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