Monday, February 21, 2011

No land; Try Urban Container Gardening

Many people who live in apartments dream of the day when they can have land and grow there own vegetables. What they don't realize is that with a little balcony space they can grow just about anything. There are those individuals like myself at one point that lived where the sun never shown. It was so depressing. I do reccomend if your apartment hunting and wanting to grow Veggies on your balcony try to make sure you get a place with good sun exposure. All green Leafy Veggies can be grown in pots ( keep in mind Cabbage grows big and take up a lot of space, try Brussel Sprouts if space is an issue) Onions, Garlic, Leeks and Herbs can all be grown in containers with proper sun. If you can do that, then the following plants will grow great in containers:
( I have linked the individual vegetable or fruit to a website to view and or purchase)










These are only about a few of the varities that have been known to do well in containers. So bottom line if your in an apartent and you want to grow, there is no excuse. Start growing this season..... Happy gardening


Kenneth Moore said...

ATW, you're spot on--no reason apartment-dwellers can't grow tons of veggies in containers! The dwarf/container varieties are, of course, selected for such conditions, but I've found that a lot of veggies scale themselves to their environment--even a tomato variety that would grow huge in an unrestricted garden plot can be grown in a smaller container. It won't get as large, and it won't yield as much. But, it still will yield!

ATW said...

Kenneth- Over the past several months I have seen a huge interest in people wanting to grow thier own vegetables. Growing is no longer a fad. You do it once and it becomes a way of life. Not surprisingly though many people are apartment dwellers and live vicarously through magazines and youtube clips of people who grow everyday. I know this sounds a little bit out there, but I would love for everyone in my community to grow something. I don't care if it's a chia pet:)