Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Give Mother Nature a chance to fight your garden wars.

My overwintering project has been very successful. Nevertheless, I have found that I have had a serious problem with aphids in my sun room that I have not paid attention to and they have went viral. So much so that they have destroyed some plants that I have overwintered for the past couple of years. Now that the weather has warmed up a bit I'm at odds with trying to quelch the rise of the aphids. The other day I went and bought all kinds of bug killers; at that moment I had enough. The hell with organic gardening, if I was going to enjoy the fruits of my hard labor I needed to kill every goo sapping green, red, brown squiggly, crawly thing on my plants. So I bought this concentrated stuff and put it into my spray bottle and started spraying away. With every spray I felt a devilish satisfaction knowing that I was causing the death of all these bugs that were causing heartache to my plants. This stuff had to be bad; as I was standing down wind and taking slight whiffs gettin very nausea's. As I turned the leaves over to search for intruders and jumping from plant to plant I lifted the leaf of one plant and saw movement and low and behold was an anole lizard gorging himself on aphids. On a plant above from him was a lady bug chomping down on some delicious aphid belly and in that moment, I said, "What am I doing?" so I stopped spraying. I walked 
inside of the sun room and placed the spray bottle on the shelf. I couldn't help but to look into that lizards eye to see how happy he was after just awakening from his winter nap and finding a smorgus borg of tender bodies just waiting to be eaten. Mother Nature for all she is worth can take care of herself. Im not a tree hugger by any means, but as an Urban Homesteader, Farmer, Gardener or whatever I feel like that day; I owe it to all my garden buddies, to not poison them. Simply using products that are not destructive to the dynamics of your garden is important. Instead of setting out the nuke; assist, play a supporting a role. What I should have done was keep the pigs at bay by applying products that make them hard to take root, until I could let the Dawgs out. When beneficial bugs make your garden their home, you have an obligation to be a good host. I will certainly do a better job.

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