Sunday, February 13, 2011

Product Review- LL Beans' "The Original Maine Hunting Boot"

I want to start off by saying, I don't receive any benefits from endorsing any product. But some of the best things I have purchased or heard about, come from the honest assessment of consumers who are not pressured to sell items.

 I bought these boots a few months ago for hunting, fishing, gardening and believe it or not to wear out when I'm just kickin it at my local pub. These boots have absolutely been the best purchase I have made for a pair of footwear in a long time. I chose these boots because I wanted something that was extremely durable, water proof, and they look cool. This past week I have been hunting hogs in central south GA, and I have been trekking through some nasty bogs at above ankle deep water for several hundred yards. I stepped in what appeared to be quick sand up to my shin and amazingly my feet stayed dry all the way through this. The waxed canvas is amazingly durable, which makes the boots very light and weathers great as you use them more. The best thing about these boots is the fact that they are extremely easy to clean. As we walked out of the swamps to the vehicles, my boots were cleaned by walking through the wet grass. Defiantly a Boot worth every penny spent. They run a bit larger than expected for a boot because they are made for folks who where thick socks. I wear a size 10 and I bought a size 10 and there is a lot of room in there. But when I wear thick socks they are dead on comfortable. If your looking for a sexy pair of shit kickers I suggest you take a look at LL beans Signature Original Maine Hunting Boot.


Anonymous said...

I have these same boots and I love them too!

The waxed canvas is many times lighter than leather and breaks in much faster. It also has that worn, vintage look right out of the box.

(Another cool thing is that they were made about two miles from my house in Brunswick, Maine.)

ATW said...

You lucky dog!!

Anonymous said...

great post

Crystal said...

Hey ATW,
This is very interesting article you have shared here. I read and enjoyed much. Your sharing boot picture is really excellent. Thanks a lot for nice posting.

Jade Graham said...

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