Saturday, May 9, 2009

Growing Corn in an Urban Environment

We started our corn in seed trays and decided position them on the North side of the Garden so that they wouldn't overshadow the small veggies in the garden. But as with anything you play and you learn and we have found thus far that we can rotate our corn to the four sides every year without infringing on the growth of everything else. For some reason even though we have a south facing sun our garden is positioned in a way that the sun is right on top of us and casting huge shadows by other plants will not be an issue.

From what we have learned corn does not have a high yield, But after what I tasted yesterday, I don't care. I had a piece of Georgia Corn that was literally out of this world. That corn tasted like a sweet watermelon. I have never had anything like that before. So if I can get my corn that sweet, I don't care if I have a high or low yield, its the taste in the end that works and those few times we set corn on the grill that will mean the most.


Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

If you end up with any "bad" corn (doubtful, but you never know) let it dry on the cob and then give it to the chickens. They love it! Our corn last year was awful but we're up to the challenge again. Yes, low yields but like you said, fresh corn is out of this world!

ATW said...

Melissa- thanks for the advice. I noticed that the chickens do love the kernals, that would make an excellent meal for them.

ChristyACB said...

I adored the corn last year, but it was an exceptional year for it. The few jars I have left from canning up the bonanza last year are treasures. Crisp and sweet still.

I'm growing True Gold and Rainbow Popcorn...far from each other...and I'm crossing my fingers for sweetness.