Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Gals

Ezelle and Esther, stuck to the hip like batman and robin, Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen or more like Aretha Franklin and her Microphone. These two gals have so much attitude that I just say they have "tude" They remind me of my two sisters; Quick to tell you whats on their minds, able to hold several conversations at one time, Always keepin a watchful eye on the latest gossip and a whole lot of fun to be around.

Raising chickens in an Urban environment has it's challenges, but those challenges are not so overbearing if things are kept within parameters that are functional. I never thought I would ever have chickens at this stage in my life. But like with everything else, I do go against the grain and instead of waiting until my knees are blown out, I decided to go for it and attempt to do it right the first time. I never had a platform for what right looks like in an urban environment. But to the contrary, I do have a platform for what wrong looks like. There is an area of town that I drive by occasionally, and the people sit out side of there homes on wet couches, with Budweiser cans replacing the grass, and roosters running in makeshift pens positioned on the front lawn. It's disgusting and it gives guys like me who are living under the radar a bad name.

I personally have high standards for my gals. I know chickens are chickens and they are going to poop and do whatever it is chickens do. But as the guy with the big brain, I will figure out a way to direct their patterns in such a way that works with all of us and for the most part it has. Ezelle and Esther are the beginning and surprisingly my wife was so impressed with the new coop that she would love to add one more as an addition. I love my gals, but we don't have any more room for another loud mouth.


ChristyACB said...

LOL, thanks for updating us on your two pretty ladies there. They do look like they know they have it good. :)

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

That last picture really captures the essence of chickens lol. Awesome!