Friday, May 22, 2009

Whats Growing in Zone 8 now?

We recieved our first ever Female Zuccini plant and flower

Our Edamame are looking real good and are starting to get fat. My wife is eye balling these guys.

The watermelon in the haybale are doing excellent I can't believe how big they have grown.

And need I say more this is the king of the house "HUGO" and he is the BOSS

Our sunflowers are growing tall and strong, they are going to make a beautiful attraction to the garden and hopefully attract some good pollinators.


Sue said...

Wow, things are looking great. I thought about you guys yesterday-I got to FINALLY plant my green beans. Living WAY up north is not so nice sometimes. Too late of a planting time.

ATW said...

Sue- Thanks.... I used to live up north and it is amazing the difference of when you can start planting. I call my dad in PA all the time and ask him if he started and all I get is "not yet", Im like dad!!! Im eating beans and spinach already. My wife loves the beans so much we decided that it's a crop we are going to endulge in next year. Good Luck to you this growing season. Looking forward to see how things work out.

ChristyACB said...

It looks like I'm still exactly 2 weeks behind you in this climate with the zukes. So I'm eyeing everything else with anticipation :)

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