Monday, May 4, 2009

Three Sister Method

Growing human gave me a wonderful suggestion on using the Three sister method, to grow Corn, Squash and beans in the same space. I don't have alot of space in my garden, so I am trying to maximize my space efficiently by using methods like the three sisters to produce more on less. The only issue I am having is putting in the climbing beans; for sometime it seemed as though my corn was stunted, until last week when they literally doubled in size, in fact everything in my garden took off. I can't explain it, but Im not complaining, nor am I asking any questions.
With the explosion of growth from my corn and Zucchini, I will introduce my fast climbing pole beans to the party and we will see what comes of it. But basically if you are not familiar with the Three sister method, it's a technique that was utilized by Native Americans where they would plant corn on mounds and at the base of the mound they would plant squash that would provide ground cover and keep the grass and weeds from getting carried away and then plant beans to climb up the corn. The Beans would provide the much needed nitrogen the corn needed to grow and Bam!! you have the Three sisters. I currently I have two sisters working right now, but all will be complete by the end of the week


ChristyACB said...

Wow, yours are looking way good! Mine are still not yet having take off. My fingers are crossed for yours since ours are going to be a lot alike!

Thanks for the great mention too.:)

ATW said...

Christy-Thank You for the tip. I didn't mention it before, but over the past two weeks I have been placing highly organic compost, that I have been brewing for the past year around the plants. I suspect it's from the nutrients that are leeched into the ground after being watered that is doing the trick. It's a guess. But so far these gals are doing good. I just don't want them to fall over. That's going to suck;(

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Looking real good! I've not had great luck with corn, but I'm going to try again this year. Might have to give the 3 sisters a try.

ATW said...

Melissa- The three sister method is an awesome idea, and its alot of fun when things get going. I like the synergy thats involved with it and I will like to incorporate more methods throughout the garden. Good Luck to you with the corn.