Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being Debt free is the Key for true Self-Sufficientism

We can talk about all the dirt, gardening, worms, compost and Veggies and If we are in Debt up to our Knees we can not truly be Self-Suffcient. The very premise of Self-Sufficientism is the ability to be free.

With todays economy in the tank and banks struggling to keep their noses out of the extremely deep water; their is a need for individuals to take personal responsibility of their actions to get out of the grips of what has held them back.

Debt is a retro-virus that reappears in other forms and causes us to change our habits and contort our lives to fit in the disfiguered cookie mold that debt has designed for us and therefore we can never be free when we are slaves to debt. For anyone aspiring to be truly self-sufficient they will really need to address this issue in their life first.

The best thing that my wife and I have done was to pay our vehicles off. It is amazing how not having a carpayment can be. It was difficult but we knew the benefits of not having a payment. Secondly, we chose to not live on credit. We budget for everything we do. If we can't afford it than it was not important. But more importantly we were able to save money by budgeting our money. Having a savings is key to financial freedom for those rainy days and emergencies that will take place of what a credit card will do. Im not saying we don't have credit cards, we do. but we never use them. Our budget has enabled us to be free of debt besides paying for our mortgage.

The ultimate step in the right direction for us to pay off of our mortgages and just pay taxes on our home and utilities and if I have my way. I won't pay for any utilities. My longterm plan is to purchase a rain water collection system for drinking water and install a solar roof for electricity. i would love to have a wind turbine but my neighbors may protest but as we approach armegedon im not going to care what they think.

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