Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We Got One!!!!

Well finally after several days of hunting, I finally took an Ol Bushytail with Taka. Up until now it has been a bad game of chess with trying to figure out the best way to ambush a squirrel on top a canopy with heavy leaves. Nevertheless, she endured and figured out that if she stays close to me she would have a better chance at a reflush. Todays hunt was quite long. It took several game flights and repositioning for Taka to put herself in the zone to deliver a fatal strike. Which resulted in her flying some distance to where she could have a better view. I was wondering why she flew so far across the canopy from where I and the squirrel was positioned. But when she found her perch she did an immediate about-face and had at her disposal every square inch of the kill zone to strike. From that position the squirrel knew he was in trouble and freaked and Taka went into a game flight crashing through leave and branches striking the squirrel as it tryed to flee in dense foliage. It was amazing. Our first official head of game.


Matthew said...

Damn skippy.

Keep up the good work :)

lighter said...

Looking forward to doing a post for The Rabbit Journal dot com.

The tree sitters will be taking over the woods starting this Saturday, so us bunny hunters will have little land to hunt for a couple of weeks

ATW said...

Thanks Matt, she is definately a work horse.

Lighter-- When you can send me your contact to my email so we can arrange a hunt.

Shellyann said...

I have always wondered about falconry and owning the birds. I will keep track of all of your posts!

ATW said...

Thanks Shelly.