Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

My mom is from Africa, Like real live Africa. I like to say like African booty scratcher Africa but she doesn't like that. But anyway I am from descendants of free slaves that were brought over here to the US and then they returned to Liberia (FreeTown). My mom told me today that she would never have thought in her lifetime that an African American would ever be nominated for President of the United States. Although I grew up in a very different world than my mom and have not experienced racial injustice like she has it's hard for me to "Just" look at the fact that Obama is Black.

I wouldn't vote for someone just because he is black. I am sure that there are those that will. I am sure that there are whites and blacks from the Civil rights era who will only vote because the presidential canidate is black. Im not mad at them, especially when I saw a women flip a coin today and made her decision just on that. WTF!!!! But oh well what ever floats their boat.

Nevertheless, today is the big day. Tomorrow morning our future can be totally different. But whatever way it goes this is not the time to let up. High gas prices, Two wars, Housing crisis, and job loss has spiraled our country into something that we are not use to and I personally think it's imperative that we all look at what can do to make a difference in our personal lives. Ok enough of the rant. This you tube post is moving:

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