Sunday, November 2, 2008

Raising Chickens the Urban way

First of all most cities will not allow residents to have chickens. Nevertheless, their is a quiet revolution of folk all over the US whos sole purpose is to Raise organic eggs and meat birds in their backyards. I think its a magnificent idea and as someone striving to be a self-sufficientist I see the power in raising chickens for eggs. I think when the shit hit the fan. Chickens and eggs will be more valuable than money. I have a converted dog house that I will use as my coop. I will raise brown egg layers this up coming year.
You can see my coop next to my hawk mews. Its not fancy but its functional. We will see how it works this up coming year.
The following clip is from someone that I personally think is growing a little bit more than eggs in their backyard. Im not mad at them. This women just seems a little to happy. But her work on raising chickens should be admired.

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