Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Compost Food

My Compost pile seems to be doing very well. My wife is saving food and seperating coffee and trash so that I can throw it in the pile. The end result is to make awesome organic worm scat so that my vegetables have some food to grow.

With that being said it seems like an uphill battle in trying to get my wife to participate in the enthusiam of me trying to be self-suffcient. I know it's going to take some work and I like with anything I have to convince her that what i am doing is actually working.

Trying to create an urban homestead requires alot of work and committment. It requires you to stick to your plan everyday and develop a system that works. It almost seems like if you were in this to make a name for yourself you will not make it. Its something deeper. It requires a a knowledge of science and determination that will result in the ultimate satisfaction of working with your hands and reaping the benefits of what a good plan accompanied with hard work will bring.

I can not profess to be a guru at this stuff. I am not. But if I don't start now than I will regret that I didn't start sooner. A little determination, a vision and a willingness to be self-sufficient in an urban environment is what propels me to learn everything I want to and need to know. And it all starts with the dirt. With out dirt you have nothing. It's like that movie water world. Dirt is gold. Good dirt is priceless. Im learning this and Im trying to perfect the art. For now my vision is taking form and I will see where it leads me to in the future.

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